vCenter 6.5 HA Config Issues

With the release of VCSA 6.5 an exciting new feature of vCenter HA has been introduced. So while doing the Basic HA configuration I was continuously getting below error in the wizard – The operation is not allowed in the current state. Failed to get management network information. Verify if management interface (NIC0) is configured correctly and is reachable. When preparing VCHA manually this error is more meaningful - Exception: Unable to get hostname resolved IP address for eth0 It was due to my vCenter DNS record was missing PTR record and prepare VCHA stopped reporting error after creating it.

VMware vSphere 6.5 New Image builder GUI

In the previous versions of vSphere, AutoDeploy & Image builder were available via PowerCLI. With the latest release both have been added in vCenter and can be used from vCenter Web Client GUI. For the lab purpose I’ll be using ESXi-6.5 HPE Custom image and inject older NIC & HBA driver in the image to make it work on Gen7 hardware. To start using Image builder & AutoDeploy we’ll have to start the service & can change the startup type Re-login to web client for AutoDeploy plugin to be activate d and visible on Home page Import a software depot to start using the image builder Import offline bundle of VIBs which you want to inject in the custom image Now a create new Software Depot & create a

Installing vCenter Appliance 6.5 & Enhancements

vCenter appliance 6.5 is the latest & greatest release of vCenter so far I could say. vSphere 6.5 adds an X-Large deployment size, the update manager and a fully supported migration assistant to the appliance. So it’s time to migrate your Windows based vCenters to appliance with vSphere 6.5. VCSA 6.5 Enhancements Supports up to 2000 ESXi Hosts and 35.000 Virtual Machines Guided Installer (Interactive Installer, instead of OVF Template) Robust deployment (Separate Deployment and Configuration to prevent failed deployments Migration Assistant (Migrate vCenter Server 5.5 or 6.0 for Windows to vCenter Server Appliance) Native High Availability VMware Update Manager Built-In Backup+Restore Improv

What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.5

VMware announced vSphere 6.5 couple of days ago and everyone wants to know what’s new with vSphere 6.5 and I tried my best keep it simple rather posting all the content which is easy to remember for cracking Interviews. The vCenter Server Appliance is taking charge in this release with several new features. For starters, the installer has gotten an overhaul with a new modern look and feel. Users of both Linux and Mac will also be ecstatic since the installer is now supported on those platforms along with Microsoft Windows. Scale Enhancements – New configuration maximums to support even the largest app environments VMware vCenter Server Appliance – The single control center and core building

VMware vSAN for ROBO Two Node 10 GbE direct-connect support

vSAN ROBO 2-node 10GbE direct/cross connect is now officially supported in vSAN 6.5 release as well as vSphere 6.0 patch#04. It solves various problems for ROBO solutions – High speed switching is not needed Reduced complexity Reduced Opex & Capex Granularly scalable capacity, compute or performance in same model Single upgrade/maintenance procedure How? Uses any 2 vSAN ready nodes Connect 10G interface of 2 nodes directly using crossover cables for vSAN traffic & vMotion Connect 1G interface on ESXi hosts to TOR switch Metadata traffic meant for vSAN Witness appliance sent via management vmk0 interface Advantages – Extension of VSAN Stretched Cluster solution Each of the nodes will be in a

Check your VSAN disk controllers on VCG with PowerCLI

An easy way of checking your hosts compatibility against vSAN HCL as per VMware. Connect to vCenter Download latest VSAN HCL details (json file) Compare controllers of each host against the VSAN HCL Report the state of your infra Below script is also available on VMware Developer Center as well – Connect-VIServer myvcenter -user Administrator -password MyPass23 Function Get-CompatibleVSANController { if (-Not $vSANHCL) { $vSANHCL = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri | ConvertFrom-Json } $ } $HBAs = get-vmhost | Get-VMHostPciDevice | where { $_.DeviceClass -eq "MassStorageController" } Foreach ($HBA in $HBAs) { $HBAFound = $false W

VMware NSX-v Components and Services Overview

One of the key components of VMware SDDC suite is NSX which is a network virtualization platform. VMware has been a leader in compute virtualization for over a decade now and with the introduction of NSX it has become a leader in Software defined networking product. VMware NSX paves the way for enterprises to rapidly deploy networking and security for any application, on any general purpose hardware, non-disruptively, by enabling the fundamental abstraction of networks from networking hardware – creating the virtual network. Through network virtualization, more simplified logical networking devices and services can be abstracted away from the complexities of physical network engineering, exp

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