Desktop Pool types in Horizon View

VMware Horizon view comes with many optoins when we talk about different types of pool types. Based on different aspects below are pools that come up with Horizon view. Automatic pools: Automatic pools can be complete virtual machines clones or linked-clone desktops. Full clones pools are automatic but they copy machines from a pre defined template, it creates pool of machine which are clone from a parent template. Full clones require more storage space and don’t have many of the advantages of linked clones as far as ease of management (i.e. they can’t be redeployed easily with settings intact). They behave more like a physical desktop, as they are independent from the “parent” virtual mach


vCenter Server 6.5 has a new native high availability solution that is available exclusively for the vCenter Server Appliance. This solution consists of Active, Passive, and Witness nodes which are cloned from the existing vCenter Server. Failover within the vCenter HA cluster can occur when an entire node is lost (host failure for example) or when certain key services fail. Deploying each of the nodes on a different ESXi instance protects against hardware failure. Adding the three ESXi hosts to a DRS cluster can further protect your environment. When vCenter HA configuration is complete, only the Active node has an active management interface (public IP). The three nodes communicate over a

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