VMware vCenter Server 6.7 U1b Released

Almost after 3 months VMware has released vSphere 6.7 U1 an update for vCenter Server, version 6.7 U1b, has been released as of 2019-01-18. This is a bug fix release and includes some critical fixes, including e.g: If you remove a Virtual Machine (VM) folder from the inventory using the vSphere Client, formerly known as the HTML5 client, the action might delete all the VMs as well and not just the folder. Some of the configured vCenter Server user permissions might be deleted/removed when the vpxd service is restarted. You might see the following message: Reason: No reason given Important: vCenter Server 6.5 U2d & U2e to vCenter Server 6.7 is NOT SUPPORTED Useful Links VMware vCenter Server

Change the Expiration Period for Service Provider Metadata on Horizon View Connection Server

Applicable only if using VIDM or 3rd party SSO provider to integrate Horizon view for Single sign on If you do not change the expiration period, View Connection Server will stop accepting SAML assertions from the SAML authenticator, such as Access Point or a third-party identity provider, after 24 hours, and the metadata exchange must be repeated. Use this procedure to specify the number of days that can elapse before View Connection Server stops accepting SAML assertions from the identity provider. This number is used when the current expiration period ends. For example, if the current expiration period is 1 day and you specify 90 days, after 1-day elapses, View Connection Server generates

Data analytics using Splunk for Horizon View logs

Recently I was working with Data analytics using Splunk and wrote few queries to get some analytics out of Horizon View connection and Security Server logs. Below are queries which I wrote to troubleshoot – index=vm_cb source="C:\\ProgramData\\VMware\\VDM\\logs\\debug-*.*" clientipaddress * Node=LNDCB02.India. | timechart count(empid) as HitsFromInternet index=vm_cb source="C:\\ProgramData\\VMware\\VDM\\logs\\debug-*.*" clientipaddress * Node=LNDCB01.India. | timechart count(empid) as HitsFromIntranet index=vm_cb "connected to machine" UFTLAB* | rex "^\d{1,4}-\d{1,2}-\d{1,2}T\d{1,2}:\d{1,2}:\d{1,2}.\w+[^ ]+\sINFO\s+\W+[^ \s]+\s[^ \s]+\s\W[^ \s]+\s\w+\s(?P<domain>\w+)\W+(?P<empid>\d+)\s(?P<s

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