Check your VSAN disk controllers on VCG with PowerCLI

December 14, 2016

An easy way of checking your hosts compatibility against vSAN HCL as per VMware.

  • Connect to vCenter

  • Download latest VSAN HCL details (json file)

  • Compare controllers of each host against the VSAN HCL

  • Report the state of your infra

Below script is also available on VMware Developer Center as well –


Connect-VIServer myvcenter -user Administrator -password MyPass23


Function Get-CompatibleVSANController {

    if (-Not $vSANHCL) {

        $vSANHCL = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri | ConvertFrom-Json





$HBAs = get-vmhost | Get-VMHostPciDevice | where { $_.DeviceClass -eq "MassStorageController" }


Foreach ($HBA in $HBAs) {

    $HBAFound = $false

    Write-Host "Looking for $($ from host $($HBA.VMhost)"

    Foreach ($entry in Get-CompatibleVSANController) {

        $vid = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $HBA.VendorId)

                        $did = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $HBA.DeviceId)

                        $svid = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $HBA.SubVendorId)

        $ssid = [String]::Format("{0:x}", $HBA.SubDeviceId)

        If (($vid -eq $entry.vid) -and ($did -eq $entry.did) -and ($svid -eq $entry.svid) -and ($ssid -eq $entry.ssid) ) {

            Write-Host " HBA in $($HBA.VMHost) is $($HBA.Name) which can be found in the HCL as $($Entry.vendor) - $($Entry.Model) at the following URL: `n $($entry.vcglink)" -ForegroundColor Green

            $HBAFound = $true



    If (-Not $HBAFound){

        Write-Host " $($HBA.Name) in $($HBA.VMHost) is not found!" -ForegroundColor Red




If you run it the output will look like this:






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